British captain Gavin has 19 year experience fishing in Canarian waters in Tenerife one of the most popular Canary doesn't matter if you have never fished before or looking for a new personal best, this man is here for you.

The boat is a Dapol 750 with cabin. Capacity for 6 fishermen + 1 spectator with ample and comfortable seating. Based in Puerto Colon, Torviscas Playa.

What could you expect to catch in Tenerife depending on the season and time of year passing through the golf stream in this part of the Atlantic Ocean we have a variety of migratory fish like white and blue Marlin, Spearfish, Blue fine tuna, Big eye tuna, Albacore, Skipjack tuna and Dorado....

Sport fishing techniques are used by Gavin Glen

Light Tackle Fishing
Big game Fishing
Bottom Fishing

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