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After taking off we fly over to the romantic fishing village of La Caleta and enjoy beautiful coastal scenery of Playa San Juan, with the chance to see dolphins. Afterwards we fly over Alcalá and take in views of some of the most prestigious hotels in Tenerife.

Arriving in Los Gigantes, we instantly notice the colossal cliff formations to which the town owes it's name. At a height of 600m, these breathtaking cliffs are simply unforgettable. Those keeping a close watch will also have the chance to see whales, dolphins and calderons (grey dolphins).

Next up is a flyby of the Crown Forest National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Sight, offering unmatched views of this incredible forest and of course Mt. Teide rising to an impressive 3,718m. Truly an unforgettable experience.

Sky Experience Los Gigantes From

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