We are reliable professionals with over 30 years of experience. Skyline 1 is a 37 foot sailing yacht fully equipped with everything we will need to ensure you get the trip of a lifetime.
On board our professional team will be on hand to offer personal attention. Enjoy a VIP service in careful detail. we will make this a great momentum of your holiday. You can also take advantage of our snorkelling equipment (tuba and goggles) for observing marine wildlife, or if you book ahead you could have your first experience of scuba diving with oxygen bottles and you can swim and observe sea turtles.
We begin our journey sailing out to sea, and you will have more than a 95% chance to see Pilot Whales, common Dolphins, bottlenose dolphins and some other types of cetaceans that live in the warm canarian waters all year round. during other times of the year we can come across other types of whales.
We will then make our way to 'El Puertito' a beautiful cove, where you will get the chance to snorkel

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