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For the thrill seeker why not let Gift Excursions arrange the chance to surf the wave machine in the Siam park. You will get this one of oppurtunity to hire the wave machine for yourself and family after the park closes.

If you a beginner we will arrange for you a pro surfer to guide and teach you, If your a born surfer then ride this man made wave until your heart is content.

V.I.P Wave machine Siam park

  •   We at Gift have experienced this tour on several accassions and for the little extra cost it is a hassle free way to visit this amazing park.its a really good tour in peak time and helps you enjoy your day rather than queing and waiting . The meal is perfect and overall we recommend this as the only way to see the Loro parque.
       by Giftexcursions , once you've booked your ticket contact us 48hours minimum before ..
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