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World Record Attempt in Tenerife

POLE ALL OVER THE WORLD To celebrate the World Pole Sports Championships 2014 and promote Pole Sports across the world, the International Pole Sports Federation, IPSF, has invited Polericise Tenerife to take part in ´Pole 4 Life´ a World record breaking event on Saturday 22nd February 2014. The Aim is to do so whilst raising lots of money for well deserving charities and giving your studios the opportunity to show your local communities what you are all about. There are also prizes up for grabs, including tickets to the WPSC 2014 and everyone who participates will be awarded a certificate. In 2006 KT Coates organised a charity event to create the first pole related Guinness World Record and raised over £50,000 for cancer charities across the globe. The record currently stands at 206 people, so who can imagine how much higher we could get the figure 8 years since the record was originally set?!? How it works: What we will need is to teach our participants a short, basic routine, Then on the 22nd February we will need to get two adjudicators (they must be people of standing with in the community such as a doctor, teacher or mayor) to supervise and witness us whilst we repeat the routine for 6 minutes. Our recording of the attempt will need to be sent to the IPSF, so that the World Record committee can decide if they will accept or decline each studios participation. There will be 6 of our girls taking part. We currently have over 70 Pole Studios across the world signed up for the event. We have chosen to raise money for various charities including, Macmillan cancer trust, Cancer research uk and World Child Cancer Charity. If anyone would like to get involved you can pop down on the day to witness the event, complimentary drinks will be available. Or you can make a donation on our JustGiving fundraising pages. Studio is situated in c/c Tropicana, Calle gran bretana, San eugenio. (opp Jardin tropical hotel)

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