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Don't leave it to late to book excursions

Summer is here in Tenerife ,and as you start to look forward to your holidays here is a few tips on things to do and not to do while thinking about what excursions to book. Siam park is number one water park in the world but in the summer it is packed to the rafters, you would be better to buy you tickets online with us ,don't wait for the free buses as there packed, get a taxi there and get straight in and get your fast past bands. Or swerve the day and go on the night even easier and more fun and guaranteed to get on the rides and not get burnt.

Private boat hires for big families and groups up to 11px are the best but you need to book early not to disappoint ,also we have 6 man buggies perfect for families but there are only 4 on the island and it normal takes a week or so to get on one so again please try and reserve asap. All in all you will have a great time and there is plenty of things to do but please don't leave it to the last minute to book , also please try and book with only official shops and not kiosks shops were they are pushed outside on terraces ,these are illegal and don't have the necessary insurances nor paperwork to guarantee you the right excursion experience. They might offer discounts but don't be fooled..


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