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whats changed after covid in Tenerife

After one year in hibernation with covid Tenerife is slowly coming back to life, The beaches are fresh the waters are clear .Even the whales and dolphins and fish have had a chance to regroup without the traffic of the boats and jestskis dispearing in lockdown. Supply of cars has fallen drastically and what was 82000 cars to rent in the canarias is now 25000. Siam and loro parque are open but with limitied numbers to enter the parks. Boats have restrictions on numbers,transport buses the same. Advice to all book early if here or book online before you arrive dont leave it to the last minute as already clients are missing out on days and memories on excursions that we always took for granted. Tenerife is safe and has much options to explore just needs a bit more planning than usual but still all you need is here and open.


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