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Our activity last for ABOUT 1 hour and will run as follows : When you get on the boat you will be given ABOUT 15 MINUTES safety and manual instructions while we are on the way to the place where you are going to fly. We will ask you to sign the discloser form about your physical and mental health which will allow us to provide service. In the next step you are ready to FLY. Together with your private instructor you jump in to water and he will help you to put the FLYBOARD on. Now you are ready to become real IRONMAN! This part of activity will take 30 MINUTES and we will make sure that it is the best 30 minutes of your life. The instructor has all the control of the FLYBOARD and will not put you up very high as you may have seen on the videos or YouTube. He will do it gently and progressively for you to get used to this amazing feeling. When your time has run out you get back on the boat and we all get back to port where we began which will take about 10 to 15 m. IMPORTANT THINGS TO KNOW: We provide all full comprehensive insurance, wet suit, helmets and life jackets. All you need to bring is your swimwear and a big smile on your face! As a part of service we do take a pictures and a video (excluded in the main price) As well if you wish to you can take a person with you as a passenger on the boat (also not include in the main price). All that can be arranged at the arrival.

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