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Overfly Tenerife Paragliding  is a must

Ive lived in Tenerife for 25 years and ran a family excursion business for 7years .For years  we have sold this  paragliding excursion and always watched the people fly over above us. Today i finally decided to jump and  what a  sureal feeling it was. Havi with 26years flying experience was truly amazing. He spent time to explain all the technical and safety elements  and made me feel like it was a natural thing to do (like jump from a 1000metres high was The take off was really easy with a little walk then run. Once up in the air you just floated down gently while relaxing and looking down at Tenerife mountains and coastline. It was so peaceful up there as we made our way  to the beach in la caleta. The landing was so easy, I was so pleased to try this and will defianetly be doing it again. If you ever wanted to do this, we highly recommend Overfly Tenerife Paragliding company. They only take small groups or Max 6 people to be able give you a very close and personal experience.

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