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First rain and storms in Tenerife

So final some much need rain has arrived in Tenerife. It’s has been over a year without rain especially in the south and our water tanks we’re at a all time low and empty. After the first rain fall they are now 1/2 full and with another storm due this should restock us with the water we need. For the first time the Tenerife airports both closed due to flooding on the runways and all flights were diverted to the neighbouring island of fueventura and Gran Canaria. Unfortunately for our lovely tourists there is no joy and nothing we can do when the weather hits. Lots enjoyed the bars and football as well as other excursions like sound of musical, medieval castle, carmen mota or musical hall tavern. There was also a great day of sun yesterday were everyone ran to boats and Siam park amongst other excursions . Hopefully the storms will clear and we all go back to lovely sunny Tenerife.

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